Trek VII - McClatchy Park

 Sacramento, CA

Trek VI - Lions Park in Placerville, CA

 Trek VI - Lions Park!  12-hole course in Placerville, El Dorado County, CA.   **ALT PINS are only ESTIMATES!  based on the tee signs** 

Trek V - Elk Grove DGC

Elk Grove DGC in Elk Grove Regional Park, in you guessed it, Elk Grove, CA.  9-hole course in a nice park.  

Trek IV - Santa Anita Park

Trek IV - Santa Anita Park is located in Sacramento CA in the Arden Arcade area. It's a 9-hole youth level course. Grab two putters and enjoy the manicured grass and shade. 

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Trek III - Pioneer Park


 Trek III - Pioneer Park in Somerset, California.  Somerset is located in El Dorado County in the Sierra Foothills at around 2000 feet elevation.  Pioneer Park is a public park.   

Watch on Youtube!

Trek II - Carmichael Park


 Trek II - Carmichael Park, Carmichael, CA, a 9-hole red level course in a well-maintained park.  Let's play! 


Trek I - B.T. Collins Park


 The first Trek!  B.T. Collins Park in Folsom, California on a very windy day! It's a 9 hole course with 2 baskets per hole allowing a loop of 18.   

watch on youtube!




Trek I - B.T. Collins Park